It is not without emotion that one acts in strength
The tallest trees bend in the wind, but they do not break

If a placebo can mitigate symptoms of an actual disease, imagine what strength of mind can do

Addictions are sustained by the lies we tell ourselves

You can be anything if you just be yourself

You can’t be strong unless you work out until you are weak
You can’t clean a house without getting your hands dirty
For whatever it’s worth, pay the cost
No freedom without restriction
No love without loss

True love is the triumph over selfishness; everything else deserves another title

We’re all just wanderers sifting through borrowed time

I suffered, but I survived
It will never leave, but it will never win

It is easy to cast blame and to view someone as an enemy. It is much harder to see the muddied reflection of yourself within them.

Violence and coercion can change the world temporarily, but permanent change can only be obtained through an idea.

We chase money, sex, prestige, status, glamour.
Yet when we die we will be remembered for little other than our small acts of kindness.